Since the day we started our activities in the fields of landscape project design, implementation and maintenance in 2005, we have been in search of innovative projects and ideas related to our sector.
We have been making vertical garden and modular flower pots under the brand of 'VERTICALLE' with our own products, which we have specialized since 2014. We have presented vertical gardens, modular flower pot applications, roof gardens and many different landscaping products to our customers in different designs until today, in our works that we started in order to make new and different applications in the vertical gardens we are in and to ensure the sustainability of our products. During this period, we export to more than 15 countries, produce sustainable products that can be used for many years with the systems they prepare, have done different and pioneering studies in their field, and continue our efforts to become a sought-after brand in the landscape sector.
These as well as our company is drought resistant '' Qgrass '' branded production lawns, used throughout the world in the fight against erosion '' VetiverTurkey '' in Turkey production and application studies and supporting products used in landscaping applications, ''grassplast '' bringing together under brands, it continues to work with products and ideas to respond to changing needs.